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Happy Thursday

We become what we focus on. Do you realise that focusing on what we don't have often feeds into our feeling of lack?
And if that's our dominant state, that's the signal you send out in the world. And if that's the signal you send then that's what you attract.
Whatever, you desire from having a healthier, fitter body to more loving relationships to money and success we must start by recognizing, appreciating, and honoring what we already have.
It is simply like tuning yourself into the right channel to hear and see the right movie.
My way of tuning in to the right channel is to start the day by triggering the right thoughts.
And my favorite and dominant thought every Thursday is, "I vibrate with optimism, strength and energy."
This is what I attract in abundance.
It’s transformation Thursday

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Happy Wenesday

J.K. Rowling, author and creator of the Harry Potter series said “Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences.”
I believe each morning we wake up with choices that can bring the best out of us.
The fact is our past choices have created our today, what we choose now will determine our tomorrow.
As we begin this week as well as the month let's set the single-point agenda.
I choose to be the best version of my self from this moment.
Everything you do today, ask am I doing my damndest best and then do a little more. Move on... time to go 1 degree up... it is Wednesday 😊

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